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Online Dating with a Budget


With the rise in popularity from online dating, dating costs can quickly surge become the equivalent of a car payment. The online date prospects come in waves and as such, can empty a suitor’s wallet faster than he can replenish it. We know what you are thinking: Well, the guy doesn’t have to pay. We could argue all day on whether or not the guy should pay for the date, but from a guy’s perspective, that next date could be “the one”. The last thing he wants is her running back to her friends to say with a frown, “He didn’t pay. . .”

If you can’t have the woman pay for the date and you aren’t a wealthy bachelor; where does that leave us? The only answer to this question is to find a place which isn’t the McDonald’s dollar menu and is a low-cost memorable experience. That is why we have prepared a list of places for your dates. We promise they won’t break your bank.


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Coffee and a Stroll

Getting coffee together is a great experience to get to know each other. You both get that extra caffeine spike which will keep the conversation flowing for hours. That is if the chemistry is right. The cost of two coffees is hardly enough to break the bank. The other side of the coin is that if the date is a nightmare; you can always eject from the short-lived situation.



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Take Fido Out for a Walk

If you are both dog lovers, taking your dogs out for a walk together is a free and pleasant experience. But what do we talk about? The ice-breaker is a given, talk about your dogs. We ensure that the awkwardness will fade like a summer’s breeze.

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Picnic on a Sunny Day

A picnic is a classic date idea and also very romantic. The idea of consuming tasty fruit while discussing childhood memories on a soft blanket is golden. It is one date that will surely have her running back to her friends to boast. The best part is that you don’t need to stuff yourself like a Thanksgiving turkey. Sandwiches and some healthy snacks go a long way for a relaxing picnic. They are also very inexpensive.




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Most bars have billiard tables in them. Choosing to play against your date in a competitive game can have remarkable ice breaking effects. Just imagine the amount of playful banter to emerge out of that dating experience. Soon you two will be trash-talking each other like you are best friends. The billiard date is an affordable idea. That is unless you both are drinking like fish. Stick with one drink and the game of pool and this date won’t bleed your bank dry.

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Watch Airplanes Take Off and Land at the Airport

This might be more of a second date idea, but it’s a creative date idea that must be included. Sitting on the hood of your car next to each other as the planes roar overhead can be a stunning experience together. It might just take you back to your childhood days. You guys can bond over childhood stories and talk about the meaning of life. It is a great relaxed date idea that won’t cost you anything but your time.

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